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Inca Secret Blend

Meet the Secret Blend Team

Mitchell Orchant

Cuban cigar specialist

Mitchell Orchant is a Cuban cigar specialist in the UK. Managing Director of C.Gars Ltd, the largest specialist cigar retailer in the UK. Mitchell is in charge of creating and blending Secret Blend cigars.

Ron Morrison

Creative Director

Ron Morrison is our Creative Director and was previously CEO of Robert Graham Ltd, whisky and Cigar specialist in Scotland.

Gennaro Lettieri

Head of production

Gennaro Lettieri is the owner of Tabacalera del Oriente, the factory that makes Inca Secret Blend in Tarapoto Peru.

Chris Morrison

Operations Manager

Chris Morrison is our Operations Manager. He's a prior manager to Robert Graham Edinburgh, a Whisky & Cigar specialist, IT specialist, and a United States Marine.