The History of Inca Secret Blend

We're passionate about the cigar industry and very proud of our cigar brand

Having been in the cigar retail business for many years, we decided it was time to create our own brand, and we weren't happy until we found a blend that we were 100% satisfied with, believe us, it's a lot harder than you may think!

We launched Secret Blend cigars to the UK market in 2012 and they rapidly became our bestselling non Cuban cigar brand. We literally can’t import them fast enough to satisfy UK market demand.

Our next step in this journey was to adjust the blend and the range for the International market and after a further two years of product development we are finally ready.

Ron and Mitchell visited Gennaro in Peru to see the tobacco fields and the cigar factory and test out blend after blend until we were certain we had got our blend right. Gennaro explained that his tobacco is used in many of the big name brands as filler tobacco to sweeten up the blends.

We are were amazed that there are no other cigars on the market produced using 100% Peruvian filler/wrapper/binder tobacco, so we had nothing to compare these to, but I'm sure once you try them, you'll agree that the flavours are very unique and extremely pleasing. Closer to a Nicaraguan in strength, but a unique full flavour, balanced and smooth with vein free wrapper and exceptionally good construction.

The pre light of these cigars is tangy and sweet, the blend is bold, full bodied and full sweet flavoured from the first to the last puff with a delightful bouquet. Medium to full in strength with a good long satisfying finish on the palate.

From wrapper to filler, with 100% Peruvian tobacco and 100% made by hand in our factory in Tarapoto, Peru. We have extensive quality control including having each cigar draw tested to ensure you get a perfect smoke with every one of our cigars.

Many people have asked what they can compare these cigars with – Cubans, Dominicans? Hondurans? Nicaraguans? The answer is that you can’t compare them. The reason is that the other regions mentioned all make superb cigars and our Peruvian Puros are quite simply different.

They may not suit all, but they will suit most cigar smokers, novice and experienced alike.

We're passionate about the cigar industry and very proud of our cigar brand

Inca – Secret Blend, A cigar with character and a blend of merit.

Best wishes

Mitchell, Ron, Gary & Gennaro

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